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4th Annual Harvest Yam Festival 

Yam is regarded as the king of crops, and the most important of all crops in most West African Countries. Hence the Yam Festival to celebrate the abundance of food that replaces the scarcity usually experienced between planting season and harvest time. Also, for thanksgiving to God for good yields and a successful farming season.
On this day, we will celebrate the Yam Festival:

  • As a thanksgiving to God, and also to the gods and ancestors for a bumper harvest, and as an occasion to offer prayers for good health and prosperity for all.

  • To foster unity through forgiveness and reconciliation.

  • As an annual stocktaking event for all occupational endeavors, especially farming.

  • To mobilize both human and material resources of our community for job and wealth creation.

This event will be enjoyed by many in and from surrounding communities. It provides an opportunity for families to enjoy a free event in a safe environment; to strut their stuff in a cool costumes or African attire for everyone to see. This event will be a site to see. Featuring unique vendors, bounce houses, games, huge raffles, and amazing performances.

Little Growers Inc. 4th Annual Harvest: Yam Festival will be held on Monday, October 31, 2022 from 5:00 pm
- 9:00 pm Chief Cornerstone Missionary Baptist Church 3125 Main St. Melbourne, FL 32901 LEARN MORE...



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